TAYLOR MCKIMENS FEATURE - The Creative Lives Season 2

    TAYLOR MCKIMENS FEATURE - The Creative Lives Season 2 from The Creative Lives on Vimeo.

    Taylor McKimens paints the mundane in a profound way. His scenes feature the characters and artifacts of his youth in Winterhaven, California. Finding inspiration in college Taylor slowly forged his own unique style, a messy, beautiful vision of everything around him. In this episode we follow Taylor as he takes us on a fishing expedition in Brooklyn, and installs a group show for the inaugural The Hole Gallery show in New York.

    About The Creative Lives:

    "The Creative Lives is the fruit of my efforts to capture the nature of an artist; the struggles they have, the doubts that arise, and the victory of creating something you’re proud to sign. These documentaries are a labor of love and a process that, for a time, I thought I would never be able to finish alone. I owe so much to my friends, family and loved ones for helping me get through the creation and editing of these episodes.

    That said, I want to do it all over again, so if you know of any incredible artists or galleries that are making a difference in your neighborhood please reach out and share them, whether it be through this form below or through one of our social media pages. Thanks so much for watching, now go out there and start your own masterpiece."

    – G. Lewis Heslet (Director of The Creative Lives)

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