Who Owns The Street

    Street artists are both rewarded and punished by different arms of the same government. Confused by this contradiction, artist Peter Drew sets out to confront the 'law makers' and 'law breakers' , posing the question of "Who Owns The Street?

    Film by:
    Ronnie Chin
    Frazer Dempsey

    Narrated by:
    Peter Drew

    Featuring Street Artists:
    Peter Drew (peterdrewarts.com/)
    Jake Bresanello
    Jake Holmes
    Seb Humphreys
    Matt Stuckey (befriendly.net/)

    Property Owners:
    Josh Fanning (collectmag.com.au/magazine-gallery/)
    Kevin Gregg (exeterhotel.com.au/)
    Steve Maras (marasgroup.com.au/)

    Janice Lally
    Hon. John Rau, MP
    Hon. Stephen Yarwood

    Post Sound by:
    Best Fx (bestfx.com.au/)

    Sound Designer:
    Harry Covill

    Additional Music:
    Peter Tuske
    James Brown

    Supervising Producer:
    Shane McNeil

    Production Mentor:
    Matt Bate (closerproductions.com.au/)

    Produced in association with Screen Development Australia under their Raw Nerve initiative
    Produced and developed with the assistance of Screen Australia
    Media Resource Centre is South Australia's Screen Development Agency for emerging filmmakers

    ©2013 Precede Pictures

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