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    Made with neither quill nor can, Niels "Shoe" Meulman paints his "calligraffiti," text art which combines the craft of calligraphy with the urban attitude of graffiti, on unorthodox canvases and with untraditional means. That prefix—"un"—is key to the Amsterdam-based artist and designer, a series of four identical strokes which create a meditative rhythm and open a world of creative possibility. For Art Basel Miami, he covers a vintage limousine in the faux-Gothic lettering of Latino gang graffiti, and drives the Unruly Limo on the streets of Miami and San Francisco. It is a stylish, California-centric version of the subway cars which used to carry tags around New York City.

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    Sponsored by United Nude.

    Artwork by Niels Shoe Meulman.
    Shot and edited by Colin M. Day.
    Archival Photography by Martha Cooper.
    Produced by Ethel Seno and John Toba.
    Additional footage by Adele Renault.
    Audio Mix by Jack Fustin.
    Music by Stomacher: "Carnival Rock"
    CMD Films 2013.

    Special thanks to:

    Wynwood Walls, Miami
    Unruly Gallery, Amsterdam
    White Walls, San Francisco
    Consulate General of the Netherlands, New York
    Martha Cooper, New York
    Rem D Koolhaus, Guangzhou
    Brian Greif, San Francisco

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