Kina Grannis: In Your Arms

    How many jellybeans does it take to tell a story? 288,000. That's how many candies it took to create the stop-motion jellybean world behind Kina Grannis as she sings "In Your Arms." Like any animation project, the process is time consuming and tedious. This one took 22 months.

    Eschewing CGI or green screen, the director makes the singer lie on glass above thousands of beans, which are altered frame-by-frame, with Grannis posing differently for each shot based on a pre-prepared animatic. It's a process few musical artists would have the patience — or the time — to perform. But it makes a sunny song sunnier. And the making-of video is almost as much fun to watch (maybe more) as the video itself.


    22 months
    1,357 hours
    30 people
    2 ladders
    1 still camera
    288,000 jelly beans

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