Add Fuel - Walk&Talk Azores 2012

    Add Fuel - Walk&Talk Azores 2012 from addfueltothefire on Vimeo.

    This was addfueltothefire's contribution to the Walk&Talk Public Art Festival in Ponta Delgada, Azores islands, Portugal.

    Part of the 'Morphing Series' he's been developing, this "azulejo" (ceramic tile) mural consists of five independent modules that create an apparent sense of deconstruction throughout the entire piece. Like all of his "azulejo" work, it requires a closer look as it reveals that all the five modules connect between themselves and create a 'disguised unity'.
    The piece is 30mt long, by 1,80mt (left) and 0,30mt (right) this piece was possible thanks to the amazing production and partnership with Revigr├ęs

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