Hygienic Dress League

    The Urban Innovation Exchange: Steve & Dorota Coy, Hygienic Dress League from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.

    A film by DETROIT LIVES!: detroitlives.com
    Music: "Tron" by Trigg (humanworksop.com)

    Get to know Hygienic Dress League, an ongoing conceptual art project that uses a corporation for a medium of art by a Detroit based duo of artists - Steve and Dorota Coy.

    Hygienic Dress League - a duly registered corporation - was the way the artists found to explore issues connected with the branding and marketing that permeate American life. They don't sell or manufacture anything... they just advertise theirselves. The pigeon is HDL's company logo. Their work often takes the form of street art but they span a lot of mediums.

    Here's the the country version of the logo:


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