Boombarsti​ck 'urban arts & music' festival (Vodnjan, Croatia)

    Marvellous mural by Aec from Interesni Kazki made in the preview of the festival

    Boombarstick is the independent art & music festival taking place this july in Dignano city, Istria. This strategically settled Croatian region in the centuries has been under the power of the Republic of Venice, Napoleon, the Haspburgs,the Reign of Italy, Yugoslavia and, after a little Croatia as a nation period, soon will meet the EU.

    International artists and creatives allegiance is the way the festival invites Dignano to set an example to Europe itself, exhibiting its ability in overcoming geo-political and ethnical differences, embracing again its original essence. The one from an area in which various cultures self-influence each others, giving life to their own culture. A unique one, constantly evolving.

    Art as a connection:
    Boombarstick festival aims to speak to and from Dignano with art and music languages because
    they're universal languages, from everywhere and for everyone understandable, as they're soulspeaking
    languages. Plus, art and musical are ideal to pass on the values and features which each
    culture and tradition is made of: that's why the festival stands as a link between Istria and Europe
    incouraging a reciprocal fruitful connection. This is the heart of the festival.

    So, the Boombarstick is not only going to pass positive art and creativity driven messages, but also
    and especially to create connections with the local realities in order to increase their potentialities
    and skills. All that thanks to the artworks of several (mostly) international artists and to the
    performances of local and foreign musicians. This is the heart of the heart of the festival.

    Many of the artists, musicians and performers of the festival will also be busy in workshops and
    happenings open to the local primary school children, the dancing, theatre and art schools students
    as well as some artisans. Taking an active part everybody could teach and learn something at the
    same time, building a bidirectional and horizontal connection, instead of a self-referring and vertical

    Being central events to Boombarstick, on some special dates these activities will find space inside
    the festival spots, so also these fringe exhibitions and performances will encircle Boombarstick
    international artists' ones, in a harmony of styles and techniques.

    So that this connection, this fusion, can be much more than an empty metaphor or a trite illusion,
    being instead the proof of the unique ability of Dignano (and Istria in general) in overcoming the
    limits of the form thanks to its own substance. As if to say: our culture is to create not to destroy,
    everybody welcome nobody excluded.

    Boombarstick Art & Music Festival
    by Zoo Free Art & Music & Matriosk'art cultural associations

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