Shout Out Louds - Blue Ice The Ice Record Project

    "Continuing a trend of experimenting with the physical format in the digital age, Swedish band the Shout Out Louds have created a limited edition version of their new single Blue Ice as a playable piece of ice.

    As the first single to be released from its Optica album, the band created ten boxes, containing a plastic record-shaped mould and a bottle of water. Offered to fans and press, those who got their hands on the boxes could fill the mould and place it in a freezer. Once ready, the piece of ice could be placed on a record player, producing a copy of the single at around 30 percent of its original recorded quality. The above video demonstrates how the ice record works.

    As well as acting as an interesting marketing tool for the single, it offered fans a unique way of interacting with the band’s music and an alternative to the high speed of delivery of today’s mp3 files." - via Springwise

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