The making of Mark Lyken Solo Exhibition 'Pattern Interrupt' 4th May 2012. Art-el Gallery Bristol

    PATTERN INTERRUPT: May 2012. New Work by Mark Lyken. Art-el Gallery. The College, Marksbury Road, Bristol. BS3 5JJ

    Pat.tern In.ter.rupt - An interruption that breaks a habit or state.

    In a series of new works, Lyken continues to explore the relationships between the social, ecological and the technological, inviting us to investigate what lies between, in the interstices of the world and our lives.

    As we are propelled into the future with increasing velocity. The ways in which we relate to the world, to each other and too nature have shifted. We are on unfamiliar ground, accustomed to ways of living, seeing and thinking, that are making less and less sense. How do we let go of our old ways and adapt to face the challenges and crises of this new century?

    Can we allow an interjection to overcome inertia?

    Lyken is a Visual Artist & Musician based in Glasgow, Scotland. He was among the first to write Graffiti in Scotland in the 80s & transition to Gallery work. His paintings toy with scale and time, worlds within worlds, chemical universes at a microscopic level. His music reflects this same detail, decayed sounds and transmissions shimmer in space, a melodic sea of scientific musical patterns that chime with that certain universal emotion.

    Growing up, his family moved between Scotland & South Africa, never remaining in one place for longer than a year or two. This resulted in quick adaption to new situations, people and opportunities. He drew endlessly as a child and recorded mock radio shows on his Grandad's reel-to-reel. At sixteen he asked for a drum machine rather than driving lessons for his birthday.

    A restless curiosity means he continues to record, travel & exhibit, applying his abstract style to different surfaces & mediums. His Debut album "Bit Rot" is out now on Gamma Proforma.

    He still can't drive.

    Available artwork from the Artist can be viewed and purchased via

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