JR - The Wrinkles of Los Angeles - Art in the Streets - MOCAtv

    This new film by theonepointeight shows artist JR in action and behind the scenes of his project The Wrinkles of the City in Los Angeles in early 2012.

    "JR links the memory of the elderly and the architecture of the cities marked by the scars of history, their economic development, their socio-cultural changes. By meeting and photographing these people to paste their portraits on the walls, JR imagines the wrinkles on their faces as the marks of time, traces of life mixing with the history of the city."

    Artist: JR, http://jr-art.net
    Film: Carlos Gonzalez, http://www.theonepointeight.com/
    Music: Mogwai, "You Don't Know Jesus", http://www.mogwai.co.uk, licensed by PIAS America, http://www.pias-america.com/

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