Style Wars (1983 graffiti documentary)

    This documentary on subway graffiti in New York City in the early 1980's had it all: It was beautifully shot, had a great soundtrack, and captured the essence of what was going on in the city after the 70s and under the regime of Mayor Koch. The best thing about this film is how it can be studied on so many levels.It makes you realize why "writing" was done and what it accomplishes. It helps you to understand the psychological reasoning behind it, and how it plays on human character traits such as territorial rights, pursuit and the need for a true recognition. It shows how graffiti had a strong impact on society, and how it tore some homes apart. A must see, and a great representation of the early hiphop music and the life of writers, breakers, MC's and DJ's.

    Graffiti Writers: Demon, Kase, Se3, D-5, Spank, Trap, Dez, Butch Skeme, Zone, Ces 157, Kid 167, Min, Cap, Iz theWiz Shy 147, Quik, Li'l Seen, Sach, Mare, Dondi, Daze Seen, Crash, Dust, Paze, Zephyr, Cey, Revolt, Fred Futura, Waspi, Noc, Duro,... and many more writers

    Break Dancers: Rock Steady Crew: Crazy Legs, Frosty Freeze, Ken Roc, Lenny Len, Kippy Dee, Li'l Crazy Legs, Take One, Ty Fly, Mr. Freeze, Doze,. and many more Dynamic Rockers: Kid Glide, Wavy Legs, Kid Freeze Nelly Nell, Eddie Ed, Flip-A-Matic, Li'l Flip, Junior Fastbreak, Joly,... and many more breakers

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