Judge, Jury & Executioner

    Judge, Jury & Executioner! from Soulful Creative on Vimeo.

    Massive graffiti tribute of Jjudge Dredd created on the side of a warehouse near Heathrow airport.

    "2000AD & Judge Dredd have been with us since the late 1970's and what a massive inspiration they have been! The amazing stories years ahead of their time have been brought to life by stunning artwork created by the masters like Ian Gibson, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra and Simon Bisley to name a few.

    Soulful Creative artists Koze and Onion have created their own 'little' tribute to the great man himself and the artist Simon Bisley, by painting a 60 sqm graffiti art piece designed around a graphic novel page spread. We hope that we have done them 'Justice'." - Soulful Creative (Urban Art Creative Agency)

    Koze & Onion

    Filmed & Produced:
    Niall Coffey & Nick Ellis

    Mafia Kiss & The Hustle
    'All My People Live'

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