Havaianas - A Grande Virada

    [talked in Portuguese]

    Advertiser: Alpargatas S.A
    Title: A Grande Virada
    Product: Havaianas
    General Director of Creation: Marcello Serpa
    Director of Creation: Sandro Rosa and Luciana Haguiara
    Art Director: Ricardo Pocci
    Copywriter: João Paulo Testa and Luciana Haguiara
    Production: Acaca
    Music: B, A, START

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Havaianas, AlmapBBDO created this beautiful ad to the Alpagartas, S.A. company, who owns the Havaianas brand where the havaianas history is explained. Combining fantasy and reality, this movie shows that today there are 400 different Havaianas models and introduces a special edition named UNICEF where all proceeds from sales will go to charity

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