We Spray Weekends - Paperápe group show

    We Spray Weekends from Invurt on Vimeo.

    Over the past year, seven friends have formed a collaborative friendship via their mutual love of art. Heesco, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Facter, Mysterious Al, Hancock and Conrad Bizjak are now coming together to share their passion for painting walls, drawing and enjoying the vibrancy of Melbourne life.

    Often finding themselves escaping the trappings of 9-5 work by hanging out and painting on the weekends, these seven artists now paint together under the somewhat joking moniker of We Spray Weekends (WSW). From the side streets of the suburbs to the cities laneways, exhibitions and live art events, all the artists are highly prolific and consistently chasing the artistic dream.

    Cameos featuring IRKLE & Tom Vincent

    Who: Heesco, Jack Douglas (JD) Pierre Lloga (P-Yeah), Facter (Fletcher Andersen), Mysterious Al, Chris Hancock and Conrad Bizjak (Rad)

    What: Paperápe group show
    Where: Egg Gallery, 66a Johnston St, Collingwood, VIC
    When: Show opens Friday 20th July from 6pm til 9pm and continues until July 29th

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