Oporto Planets by Pedro Castro

    "This project includes a series of images taken by astronaut and photographer Pedro Castro during a space trip in the year 2041.
    At this time, 30 years have passed since the world reported the fall of a meteorite, with a radius of 50km, in portuguese soil that devastated then known as "Invicta". After the fall, significant parts of Oporto city were housed in the atmosphere, creating a spherical planetary system unique and never seen. While the survivors were confused and unbelieving the new reality, the world scientific community lacked to present a logical explanation of what happened.
    This phenomenon has been and will continue to be a matter of debate."

    What an interesting project that depicts the city of Oporto, in Portugal, as if it were the future and in an all new perspective as if it's most turistic and well-known areas were transformed in a series of planets

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