HALO 4 Forward Unto Dawn - "Behind the Scenes" on Set (2012) | FULL HD

    Catch a first exclusive look at "behind the scenes" on the set of the upcoming live-action series "HALO 4 Forward Unto Dawn". The series launches Oct. 5 and will be a series of 5 episodes.

    Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a live action series, which will be on view from October to YouTube and Halo Waypoint. The series tells the origins of the destructive war between humans and the Covenant from the perspective of a young cadet who hires on the UNSC cruiser Infinity. The events of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn guide fluent in five episodes of the blockbuster Halo 4. This is from the 6th November 2012, in the stores and put up with the return of Master Chief, a new chapter in the Halo saga. In addition, owners will receive the Limited Edition Halo 4 through Halo Waypoint access to an expanded version of Forward Unto Dawn, the exclusive scenes and additional background information and provides a peek behind the scenes of the production.

    For more information and the trailer in full length from at this year's Comic-Con 2012 12th to 15 Published in July in San Diego.

    HALO 4: Forward Unto Dawn
    GENRE: Live Action Series
    + (US): October, 2012
    + (EU): October, 2012
    PLATFORM: Xbox 360
    EXCLUSIVE ON: Xbox 360
    WEBSITE: https://halo.xbox.com/en-us/games/halo4/Overview

    PUBLISHER: Microsoft Game Studios
    DEVELOPER: 343 Industries
    ESRB: RP-M+ for Rating Pending, Targeting a Rating of Mature or Above

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