Artificial Moon by Wang Yuyang

    Artificial Moon is a sculptural piece by Beijing-based artist Wang Yuyang constructed from hundreds of various compact energy-saving lightbulbs. At over 13 ft. wide (400cm) the piece is an imposing recreation of Earth’s moon, using strategically placed lights to mimic craters and other surface features. Its creation is also particularly poignant, as it was originally put on exhibit in Shanghai, a city that due to light pollution is often unable witness the actual moon moving through the night sky.

    Wang Yuyang, born in 1979, is an accidental new media artist. Interested in obsolete technology, an aesthetics of the broken, and material waste, his practice involves highly conceptual installation, photography, and video. Recent works have carried on the tradition of the post-sense sensibility generation, employing humorous and pseudo-spectacular tactics to interrogate the relationship between body, experience, and cognition. His work has been shown in major exhibitions and festivals across China and Europe.

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