Voice of Art - Street Art vs. Illegal Billboards, Pt. 1

    Los Angeles-based artist collective Cyrcle exposes the battle between art and advertising when they discover that while law enforcement has been cracking down on street art and murals, bizarre laws have allowed corporations to illegally place over 4000 billboard ads in their city.

    Voice of Art is a video documentary series that follows the work of art activists as they challenge and educate their communities through art interventions across the nation. Each episode introduces a new socio-political issue that is selected by the featured artists, as they educate and communicate a need for change through various public expressions such as Street Art, Street Theater and other bold art actions.

    "Voice of Art Episode 1: "Street Art Vs. Illegal Billboards" takes place in Los Angeles as our cameras follow street artists challenging the billboard industry's abuse of the visual landscape with over 4000 illegally placed advertisements. VOA also investigates and exposes the billboard industry's ties to the 10 year city ban on mural art, which continues to hinder the work of public artists. Featuring Benjamin, CYRCLE, Esteban Cons, John Carlos De Luna, Desire Obtain Cherish, Destroy All Design, Enik1, Leba, Lydia Emily, Ron English, Smear, Septerhed and others."

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