Rainbow Family Village (彩虹眷村) - In Taichung, Taiwan

    "The place was originally a military dependents' village from the 1940s-50s. Apparently, the artwork is by one single artist, the now 90 years old Huang Yongfu, who is originally from Hong Kong but used to live here."

    Photos by Steven R. Barringer.

    Steven R. Barringer about Rainbow Family Village: “A beautiful and colorful small village in Taichung, Taiwan where almost everything in site is painted joyful colors. A sense of wonder and peacefulness is felt as you wander the tiny streets of this modest section of the big city. Bright lively colors call out to your inner child as you find what appears to be an endless seam of creative whimsical imagery. A must-see for any one in Taichung.”

    via: Street Art Utopia

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