Diorama exhibition by Vhils at Vera Cortês Gallery

    [News piece by SIC Notícias, a portuguese information channel, talked in portuguese]

    Diorama exhibition by Vhils at Vera Cortês Gallery, in Lisbon, can be seen until 31st July

    In the exhibition, each room has a distinctive technique in which Alexandre Farto works.

    The first room presents a multi layered composition of street posters and collages. A 2nd room with his most significant pieces of the show, done on styrofoam with a light focus displaying hidden faces with the shadows. Front images reveal a face, while shifting your focus will give you a city skyline, part of Vhils urban language. The 3rd room presents a mix of older techniques with stenciled posters, mixed with Portuguese patterns found on traditional floors and walls. Finally there are 2 more rooms, one with metal and acid etched pieces, and the other with etched faces on wood.

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