God's own Banksy: The church where graffiti artist was invited in to spray paint the walls

    Godly graffiti artists are brightening up a Spanish church in a bid to boost morale as the country plunges head-first into a double dip recession.

    Rector Ramon Mor drafted in 'beatific Banksy' Rudi and his friend House to spray-paint his church with Romanesque murals after spotting their work online.

    'If people did not know the mural was made by graffiti artists, then due to the quality of the drawings and the size of the brush strokes (so thin and perfect), they would not know at all.

    'Art - whether it's graffiti, oil paintings, watercolours - well, when it's good it brings out the best of humanity.'
    Rudi, a 38-year-old artist of 20 years who lives in Alicante, said he was perplexed when first asked but had 'no hesitation' in accepting the job.

    He called his Madrid-based friend House and immediately set about researching how to spray-paint Romanesque images.
    His brief was to include pictures of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, the church's patron saint Santa Eulàlia and a family that symbolised the faithful of the working class barrio of L'Hospitalet.

    He said: 'We had to analyse the expressions, the looks. We studied the Romanesque ways, the brush strokes, the plain colours and how to paint it in a dome so it looked good from below.

    'All of the mural was made with aerosols, apart from a bit of brushed in black to give it the touch of the style.'

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