W&T - Remembering the 2011 Edition

    Remembering the 2011 Walk&Talk Festival

    Mobilization and contribution are the command words of WALK&TALK AZORES, the public art festival that, annually, transforms the island of São Miguel in a Privileged stage for contemporary art. Multidisciplinary expressions of dozens of artists from around the world are crossed in the creation of a public art route, conceptualized in its relation with the supports on which they are materialized, including the local community.

    WALK&TALK celebrates a cultural platform, proactive and able to promote arts education, extolling the architectural and cultural elements of the Azores, adding new details to it's identity trough artistic inter ventions that propose a reflection on the dichotomy around public space and the insular condition of the region.

    The movement culminates in an outdoor museum, inclusive and democratic, where all communicate and to which everyone contributes.

    The 2012 edition is in the works and we'll keep you updated with all the news about the event

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