'Share A Coke' marketing campaign

    Despite healthy brand tracking data, 50% of teens and young adults hadn’t even enjoyed a ‘Coca-Cola’ in the previous month alone. We had to increase product consumption amongst the masses while targeting 24 year-olds, and get people talking about ‘Coke’ again.

    ‘Coca-Cola’ has always been an integral part of people coming together. But in our new digital world, the way we connect had changed. We had to jump start some real conversations - with people you may have lost touch with, or were yet to meet.

    So after 125 years of putting the same name on every bottle of ‘Coke’, we tried something new. We printed the 150 most popular Australian names on ‘Coke’ bottles, invited Australians to ‘Share a Coke’ with one another, and once more became part of people coming together with the best conversation starter of all - a first name

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