Creative Diaries Episode #4 with Maria Imaginário

    The 4th episode of the Creative Diaries series documents Portuguese illustrator Maria Imaginário's fantastic views on lifestyle, graffiti, design, art and culture. Hailing from a wonderland where dreams are real and imagination and adventure set sail, and where ideas take shape, colors and purpose, Maria Imaginário says she doesn't have a sweet-tooth, but candies were what got her into illustration and graffiti.

    After several collective exhibitions around the world, and with her third solo exhibition on the way, Maria Imaginário divides her skills between walls around the city and blank canvas, which she adorns with captivating and colorful characters. Maria Imaginário has painted a wall in Palestine, has had one of her artworks auctioned alongside artists such as Banksy, and she never fails to surprises us with a tender blend of humor and love wherever she goes.

    Follow Maria Imaginário through the twists and turns of love affairs and heartbreaks, where sour hearts are not so sour anymore.

    Filmed & edited by Daniel Matias
    Music by Brigitte Bardot - Maria Ninguém

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