Ai Weiwei in constant surveillance

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of Ai Weiwei’s arrest for “economic” crimes – and China’s most famous dissident artist continues to provoke the authorities.

    Today Ai launched, a website that streams images from four webcams around his Beijing home. They include scenes from his courtyard, computer space, studio, and even his bedroom. If you’re so inclined, you can now watch Ai Weiwei while he sleeps.

    In part, Ai says the cameras are a way to let his family and friends know that he’s safe, telling The Guardian:

    It is the exact day, one year ago, that I went missing for 81 days. All my family and friends and everyone who cared were wondering where this guy was. So on the anniversary I think people may have worries. It’s a gift to them: I’m here and you can see me.

    But the cameras also draw attention to the constant surveillance Ai says he’s been subjected to.

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