What do you love about Lisbon?

    Idea/Concept: Lisbonlovers (lisbonlovers.com) and Rui Quinta
    Production, Film and Editing: Rui Quinta (ruiquinta.com)
    Title Design: Lisbonlovers
    Music: Márcia - EMI
    Shot using: Panasonic Lumix GH2 | Lens: Lumix 14-42mm and Lumix 20mm Pancake
    Copyright: Lisbonlovers ©
    All the images where recorded in the beautiful city of Lisbon - Portugal

    We also add the Street Art scene that is blooming and that shows extreme creativity as we try to depict here in the blog:

    Montana Lisbon X ARYZ
    Amália Rodrigues graffiti in Lisbon
    Klit and Pantónio working for Camisola Amarela
    ± APART ±
    GO ARTE URBANA by Citroen DS3
    Street Art intervention on trash trucks - Lisbon
    Vidrao Latao (Glass Copper) by Sue & Harpo
    MR PHOMER presents F.E.A.R. FOR ENEMIES ARE REAL at Carhartt Lisbon

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