Project Re:Brief by Google

    Can America’s most iconic advertising campaigns be re-imagined for the web?

    This year, Internet advertising turns 18-years-old.

    Project Re: Brief is an inspiring story about the need for creative thinking in the face of enormous technological shifts in the way we communicate. In a beautiful collision of minds and media, Project Re: Brief is a grand experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web.

    Directed by Doug Pray, and the same team who joined him to make the Emmy-Award-winning film and PBS hit “Art & Copy,” Project Re: Brief is a film that aims to shake up the ad industry and inspire new ways of thinking. While shifting formats and media platforms is one thing, as we learn from our heroes of the past, the basic tenets of human storytelling haven’t changed.

    Coca-Cola "HillTop" by Harvey Gabor

    Volvo "Drive it like you hate it" by Amil Gargano

    Alka-Seltzer "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" by Howie Cohen and Bob Pasqualini

    Avis "We try harder" by Paula Green

    In 2011, Google partnered with four global brands in an advertising experiment. The goal was simple - how can the ideas that defined the advertising industry in its infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers? Google re-imagined and remade their most iconic ad campaigns from the 1960's and 1970's with today's technology, led by the creative legends who made these campaigns.

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