MaisMenos - Pessoa Jornalista in Lisbon

    The streets of Lisbon serving for political and social intervention.

    Artist MaisMenos used the Fernando Pessoa statue located in Chiado, Lisbon, and dressed it with a vest identifying it as a journalist.

    This was a quick response to the events that occured on that spot on 22 March 2012 where confrontations between police forces and protesters resulted in two reporters being injured by the police and ending up in the hospital.

    One of the measures suggested by politicians in the government to help stop more incidents like this, would be to get journalists to properly identify themselves in a rally by wearing vests.

    Fernando Pessoa was a portuguese writer and poet. He also was a businessman, editor, literary critic, journalist, politic comentator, translator, inventor and an advertising copywriter.

    Poem: Liberdade by Fernando Pessoa, told by João Villaret

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