Invurt is a blog that, just like us, provides information on street, urban, illustrative and genre defying, nu-contemporary art to readers around the world.

    It specialises in events and artists who are working, displaying and visiting Australasia – particularly with a focus on exhibitions the artists are partaking in. They are a no fuss, no muss blog with an attention to two specific details – who are the artists, and what they are doing. They believe that this minimal approach to covering artists and exhibitions allows a detailed view of what is happening in Australasia

    Drawing on an extensive background and a passion for art, Invurt hopes to provide comprehensive coverage of both established and upcoming Australian, and visiting, artists making their way through the creative world. They try to provide an eclectic, thoughtful look at the interactions between art, music and modern culture, and to document the various artists who make up the new movements in art and culture that are emerging all around.

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