JAZ in Mexico

    JAZ visited Mexico for the first time in December 2011. Born in Argentina and with a long time doing art, today, he stands as one of the best artists, at least we think so.

    This video gives us some idea of his visit to the city. He did 4 murals, painted in the following locations:

    - MUJAM Cultural Forum in Colonia Doctores.
    - Cauce Ciudadano´s Urban Gallery in Colonia 7 de Noviembre, in the GAM district.
    - Secret Location in the Historic Center.

    He was invited by MAMUTT ARTE, and the music is by @brooklynfecter

    The video was made by @diegograue

    - For more information about JAZ enter flickr.com/photos/franco-jaz-fasoli/

    - For more information about MAMUTT go to facebook.com/MamuttCreatividad OR follow @MamuttMX

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