Harum Scarum

    Teaser #1

    The first teaser is an examination of the detritus left behind by the collage process and presenting the fascinating negative spaces that remain

    Teaser #2

    The second teaser focuses on how David chooses to see his raw material. Through process, what once was an image in a magazine becomes reinterpreted and given new meaning on his canvases

    Teaser #3

    In this third teaser, disparate elements meticulously mined from magazines are constructed into assemblages and presented to the subconscious for interpretation

    The aim of this series of teasers is to explore artist David Ball's work at a more elemental level by focusing on the individual parts that make up his complex compositions

    Harum Scarum — New Works by David Ball
    Opening February 2, 2012 at 111 Minna
    San Francisco, CA

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