Declare It Art - a new project

    A project where non-art items in public places are given artist statements.

    Declare It Art is a collaborative street art project where artist statements are written about non-art objects in public spaces (a security camera, a dead bird, an abandoned grocery store, etc.). Statements are usually weatherproofed and affixed near the “art,” and left for people to discover. Photos are taken and the pieces are documented on the site It manages to both satirize the art scene, while also occasionally making valid social statements as well.

    Anyone is invited to participate in this project. So far, the streets of St. Louis have about a dozen "pieces" that have been declared, along with one in Chicago, and the hope is for the idea to catch on with collaborators in this freshly new collaborative project.
    So what are you waiting for? Check out Declare It Art and submit your own piece of art

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