"Cathy Cowgirl" Music Video

    In November of 2011, artist, prankster and "popaganda" pioneer, Ron English, approached Eric Miro and Cary Janks with the idea of collaborating on a music video based on his character, Cathy Cowgirl. They accepted the challenge.

    They based the visuals on the song, "Cathy Cowgirl" by Ron's music collective, The Electric Illuminati. Over the course of 2 days, they filmed Ron's miniature sets and countless characters in his workshop in Beacon NY. Characters to be animated, were digitally modeled in 3d, footage was treated and cleaned up and after a post-production schedule of just 3 weeks, the picture was finished.

    "Cathy Cowgirl" premiered at MoMA on January 9th 2012, during "An Evening with Ron English", as part of their ongoing Modern Mondays series.

    Produced by General Idea
    CoDirectors - Eric Miro and Cary Janks
    Director of Photography - Therese McPherson
    On Set Lighting - Therese McPherson
    3D Animation - Cary Janks
    2D Animation and Composite - Eric Miro

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