Transformers: The Last Energon Crystal Teaser [HD] Director's Cut

    Teaser for Fanmade Transformers Shortfilm "The Last Energon Crystal"

    Synopsis: In 1964 the largest meteor shower in history hit mankind. According to the government all of the meteors burned down before they could reach planet earth. The government concealed that one meteor didn't burn down, it hit planet earth. It was the last energon crystal, the last energy source for the transformers. Letting them fight 'til death.

    Directed by: Robert Kouba
    Starring: Kevin Klöpfer & Robert Kouba Senior
    Director of Photography: Sebastian Cepeda
    Visual Effects by: Luis Morillo
    Visual Effects Supervisors: Roger Tanner, Patrick Baumann
    Score by: Martijn de Bont

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