Spray Can Safari - Spray Uzi roadtrip

    Spray Can Safari - the fundraiser from Katy Fentress on Vimeo.

    Kenya's number one graffiti crew Spray Uzi, have decided to take their mission of paint to foreign lands and are planning to travel through Ethiopia to Djibouti to work with local artists and organise workshops for children along the way.

    Their trip will be overland and will be documented by a team of filmmakers who intend to show the world exactly what these inspired artists are capable of.

    This short animation is an indiegogo fundraiser with which they hope to raise the money they need for the trip.

    For in depth information about who they are, what they are planning to do please refer to the following Indiegogo page (indiegogo.com/Spray-Can-Safari) and remember... contributors are rewarded with very special and unique Spray Uzi swag!!!!! [81 days left to help]

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