Young & Free x 941 Geary x San Francisco

    Young & Free

    September 10th-October 22nd, 2011

    Young & Free is the most significant exhibition by Australian street artists ever seen in the United States to date. The show features fresh work by thirteen of Australia’s finest urban art guerrillas – from the already internationally acclaimed to the burgeoning up-and-comers.This tribe of artists comes from a variety of backgrounds: brilliant new work by notorious 80’s train painters through to the sublime subtlety of a modern day Rembrandt armed with a spray can.

    Young & Free is a reflection of Australia’s thriving street culture with a strong grounding in the past and a firm focus on the future. These are modern day bushrangers, patrolling the lanes from Melbourne to Manhattan. This show features a mix of direct sprays, stencils and paste-ups, representing the rich and varied groundings from which these artists have grown. No matter their age, medium or style, the Young & Free artists all share one thing in common: they want to give the urban landscape a fresh coat of paint.

    Anthony Lister was in San francisco for the Young & Free show at 941 Geary. This video chronicles his adventures and projects during his stay

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