Heart Transplant: A Street Art Documentary Trailer

    Music credits: "Uncle Sam Goddamn" by Brother Ali. Produced by Ant. (C) 2007 Brother Ali, Rhymesayers Entertainment. Distributed by WMG.

    Heart Transplant: A Street Art Documentary Trailer

    "A not-for-profit, comprehensive, global documentary on Street Art. Assembled and contributed to by over 15 artists all over the world, "Heart Transplant" strives to bring a much needed sense of heart to such a controversial art form. These artists risk their lives to put their art up, for free, at hours of the day and night you'd rather be relaxing or sleeping, simply for the sake of art. We are not criminals - We are artists.

    This documentary is intended to be an educational film approachable by anyone - you don't need to be a street art expert to enjoy the film. It's a very neutral documentary - it insults neither side of the great "street art" debate. Instead, it's purpose is to explain the passion of street artists." - Visual Artillery

    We hope to see more about this interesting project by the guys at Visual Artillery

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