Heart On Stage - an art project combining poetry and illustration

    Heart On Stage is an unique art project combining poetry and illustration on a deeper level. It’s a cross-cultural collaboration, between Brazilian artist Luiz Risi and Finnish artist Leena Yliportimo. The aim of the artwork isn’t simply
    to pair illustrations with poems, but rather to meld the two into a mutually- informative data stream that provides both intellectual and visual pleasure. The poetry and the artwork itself blend in a deeper dimension for each piece, creating a parallel world in between. Everything else came after the writing; the project started with the selection of more than 400 poems chosen by Leena & Luiz

    Check out the amazing artworks of this art duo and take a look below at a collaboration they did with the London Police this last April, named ‘IT SUCKS’

    ‘IT SUCKS’ was their first street art piece. It was located at the Voetboogstraat, near the Spui Square in the center of Amsterdam

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