Amongst Inspiration - an inspiration led mini series

    Part 1 - With Illustrator Chris Judge

    "As an Australian creative based in Dublin, I have met & been inspired by a number of talented Dublin creatives working across all disciplines in Ireland's capital.

    In this, the first in a series of inspiration led mini-films, we spend 2 minutes in the studio with illustrator Chris Judge.

    Chris' illustration work includes the glorious picture book 'The Lonely Beast', 'Darth Dredd' for the 2009 Vader Project in London's Andy Warhol Museum, much loved Dublin culinary icon Pablo Picanté, work for Mini, Vodafone & 3 Mobile. More recently Chris has illustrated the Sparkhead character for ESB's 'Share The Energy' campaign at Irish Music Festival, Electric Picnic. " - James Cooper

    Music: 'Little Red' Written & Produced by Cathy Davey © Copyright Control. Reproduced by kind permission of Hammer Toe Ltd. Thanks to Cathy Davey

    Part 2 - With U2 Art Director Steve Averill (On The Joshua Tree Inspirations)

    "In this, the second in a series of inspiration led mini-films, we spend 5 minutes in the studio with U2 Art Director Steve Averill talking on the subject of inspiration & the classic 'Joshua Tree' album sleeve inspiration.

    I was fortunate to meet Steve some years ago on one of my first visits to Dublin whilst living in London. Steve's work includes iconic Art Direction for one of the world's biggest rock bands, U2. From helping give the band their name, to wrapping their music in his bold & creative graphic visuals for the last 25 years, Steve is an incredibly talented & humble Dublin based creative. Steve has worked closely with photographer Anton Corbijn & since the early 1990's with creative partner, Shaughn McGrath, on most of the legendary band's visual output. From Boy, to The Joshua Tree, to Achtung Baby to POP - Steve's inspirations have helped visually brand Ireland's greatest musical export & arguably the World's greatest Rock 'n' Roll band since The Beatles & The Rolling Stones.

    Steve & Shaughn now run Dublin based creative consultancy AMP Visual." - James Cooper

    Directed & Shot by James Cooper

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