Projet Palimpseste in Rennes by R.ö

    On Rennes walls yells an urban poetry. From last June on, with Zilda’s original idea, paper pictorial works are displayed on François Mitterrand Mail. « Palimpsest » is the name of this permanent open-air exhibition project. It allows passers-by to contemplate a whole set of works made by many street artists, French and foreigners, from different inspirations. Those works are meant to be short-lived, they crumble away, fade and succeed to one another on the same wall side. Each one requires the need to play on time and space. To share part of its universe here and there...

    R.o is a graffiti and street-art artist from Boulogne-sur-Mer (FR) and here is his contribution to this exhibition.
    video made by M.Colin

    Also, watch ŽILDA vs RÖ "L'assassinat de Marat"

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