Meggs - a four-part introduction


    Famous for unique mix of popular culture and comic book references, Melbourne writer come contemporary artist Meggs tells us why his work is all about the middle ground and our never-ending search for balance.

    Part 2

    For one of the biggest independent art events of the year, Meggs made a trip over to sunny Hawai’i for Pow Wow, a gathering of some of the world’s most prolific creatives and artists.


    Meggs gives us a preview of his upcoming solo exhibition, Inner Demons, opening soon at London’s Zero Cool Gallery. The exhibition of screen prints, canvases and paintings will also feature a secondary element: a wall of photos and sketches portraying an intimate insight into his creative process.

    Part 4

    From prepping for his London show to moving into a temporary studio space at Fed Square with the Everfresh crew, Meggs has been one busy guy. With more exhibitions slated in this year, Meggs’ journey shows no sign of slowing down.

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