Fire graffiti (Naping) by CDH in Melbourne, Australia

    Fire graffiti (Naping) by CDH in Melbourne.

    Naping is a type of fire graffiti, named after the original recipe CDH cooked up from a home made napalm derivative (a mixutre of gasoline and polystyrene).

    CDH ditched that recipe for being too unstable and now he uses methanol, construction adhesive (liquid nails, not silicon) and saw dust mixed with wheat paste glue and dried like old cow turds.

    Methanol won't attack the plastic in a water gun (like most other organic solvents: kerosene, gasoline, acetone etc). It's miscible with water and below ~80% methanol is no longer flammable. So unlike other organic solvents, when you throw water on it, it mixes and goes out quickly... it doesn't float ontop of the water and spread everywhere. Finally methanol doesn't burn too hot (compared to kerosene or petrol). That's good cause it makes your adhesive burn longer and it doesn't hurt as much when you catch yourself on fire.

    This is CDH's last experimental trial.

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