Can art change the world? - as inspired by JR

    "This is an answer to JR's request with his project InsideOut (, supported by TED.
    He asked everyone to take portraits of people who represented a cause, a social issue, and then he would print the posters of their faces and people could paste them on the streets, so that everyone could see it.

    We have photographed some homeless people from Lisbon and we pasted their faces on the streets of three Lisbon areas: the wall of our college (the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon) -- which had quite an impact --, the walls of the acknowledged newspaper "Diário de Notícias" and downtown -- which did not work exactly as we were expecting.

    This is a small-scale project of ours, but we made everything by ourselves, including printing the posters (hence their bad quality) and making the glue (hence some too-whitish posters). But we did it!

    Just like JR, we are not trying to change the world. We are happy if we can make people stop, look and think, even if only for 5 seconds.
    We hope to gather a lot of seconds. And we hope that all the other projects involved with InsideOut can get much more!"

    a film-project by: ana santos, joana soares, mafalda jacinto, marlon beltrami.

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