Tribute to Egypt by Jessica Sabogal

    Artist Jessica Sabogal of Northampton, Massachusetts, had this to say: 'I had been in sort of a painting rut lately. I hadn't been able to pick up my spray cans in months. But after hearing about how the people of Egypt rose to the occasion and fought for what they really believed in by showing up, something Americans fail to do time time again, I wanted to illustrate their journey. Ironically, one of our house-mates is from Egypt and had brothers and other family members fighting in the streets, so I was able to witness first hand how the revolution affected her. For the last two years she would Skype with her family every day, and all of sudden she was forced into limited communication, calling their house phone at a dollar per minute when she could. Finally, I was inspired to paint

    Graffiti inspired artist, Jessica Sabogal, has created an amazing tribute to the people of Egypt. Her time lapse video captures each intricate step of the labor intensive work of art.

    Sabogal says, "After 30 years of silence--Egyptian screams finally broke through. Hopefully this piece can serve as a memory of what they accomplished in Tahrir Square--and a warning to never again let voices fall silent."

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