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    First Solo show by Kruella D'Enfer (Angela Ferreira).
    Carhartt Lisboa, Bairro Alto
    29/04 - 29/05

    Opening April 29th
    until May 29th.

    MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE is the result of Kruella D'Enfer fascination and obsession with the occult, supernatural world and about the idea of having the past and the future written in the form of enigmatic symbols.
    This idea of following a destiny path in the cosmos, in the cards, in the palm of your hand, led to a study of this visual universe, from where came the characters who dwell in her illustrations and which dominate the pieces that are exposed at Carhartt.

    Kruella D'Enfer proposes in this project to reinterpret these symbols, rewriting somehow her future through an unknown universe in the tarot cards, creating a unique language that will make us travel through hidden places of our mind, creating memories of the future with her illustrations...

    The works presented in this exhibiton are original, hand-painted with a mixed media technique, exclusively for this show.

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