Introducing Suwappu - The Augmented Reality Toy

    'There is no need to sit around and make up stories for your toys any longer. Suwappu and its accompanying app is a smart-toy duo that will make up the legends for you. Unlike real life, this cute stacker toy, called a Suwappu, takes on a different personality and environment as you swap around their heads and tails. Each headpiece gives the Suwappu a personality that speaks and interacts with other friends when you watch them through the accompanying app.

    Through this short film, we catch glimpse of the world created for these animal characters. The company who designed them explains, “the physical toys are canvasses upon which we can paint worlds”. It’s up to you to tune in and move their lower halves around. “This allows the creatures to visit each other’s worlds, and opens up for experimentation with the permutations of characters personality and the worlds that they inhabit”. This toy and media reality is brought to you by British design company Berg and advertised by Dentsu of Japan, working to keep you entertained.' - Juxtapoz

    via: Juxtapoz magazine

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