Legend of the Fist Trailer 2011 HD

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    Uploaded by TheMovieReel on Mar 2, 2011

    Genre: Foreign, Action and Adventure
    Official Site: http://www.legendofthefist.com
    Director: Andrew Lau
    Cast: Donnie Yen, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong, Huang Bo
    Writers: Gordon Chan, Cheung Chi Sing, Lui Koon Nam, Frankie Tam
    Run Time: 106 minutes
    In theaters: April 22nd, 2011
    In 1925, the nation of China is divided by infighting, and Japan has become the most powerful force in Asia. With the city of Shanghai torn in half by international conflict, Club Casablanca has become a hotbed of spies, mobsters, English officials and the Japanese military- all looking to gain control of the country, with little regard for what happens to its citizenry. Into this den of intrigue enters Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen), who has returned to China after fighting alongside the Allied forces in Europe, bringing some dark secrets from his past along with him. During the day, he's known as "Qi", and appears to be just another wealthy playboy. But at night, he takes to the street as a masked warrior, determined to subvert the Japanese invasion while becoming entangled with the sultry Kiki (Played by Shu Qi), who has a dangerous secret of her own. When his past catches up to him, Zhen is faced with near impossible odds- but his skills are formidable, and he's up to the challenge.

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