Casteller - celebration at Terragona, in Spain

    Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

    Every year in Tarragona, Spain, highly-organized teams of Castellers (in Catalan, “Castle-ers”) come together to compete in a very old, and very complex, competition that tests each team’s structural logic and group-think capabilities. The challenge? Build a tower made of team members, with the ultimate goal (outside of height) being the smooth transition between constructing and dismantling the tower.

    Like any other engineering project, the teams must build an astonishingly strong structural foundation – made up of many tens of humans that link together, digitally. The towers’ height are judged by how many layers – or humans – it rises above the group base. The construction process is highly rigorous and organized – sashes worn around the waist provide the “ladder” upon which each layer is cast upwards.

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