Via Periférica - a street art documentary

    {in Portuguese}

    Documentary about an abandoned building in the city of Maia, in Portugal, that has been taken by street artists of the area as a canvas to show their most brilliant work

    School project for Video II of Multimedia Communication Technology undergraduate course from ESMAE, School of Music, Arts and Performimg Arts (
    Shot with Canon EOS 550D and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Includes interviews with
    Nuno "Doc Thunder" Costah (
    André "Dub" Silveira (​user1667509)

    Promoe (​promoe) - These Wall's don't lie (instrumental)
    Promoe (​promoe) Llikkle Supm Supm (instrumental)
    Serphonic ( - Continued
    Serphonic ( - On the way
    Serphonic ( - Switch 2

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