700 Wall - Final Update

    Here's how the idea was translated:

    Scene one - the laboratory - we sketch, we try, we are inspired, no matter
    under which circumstances, lack of time or interruption

    Scene two & three - the machine and harbour - we select sketches and
    produce our ideas, try techniques, style- and colour-variations and get them out into the world

    Scene four - the difficult journey - a lot of our work gets destroyed f.e.
    by the buff, toys or by the nature, so we have to keep on doing our thing no matter what

    Scene five - the city - you keep on sending your name into the world, so at
    the end of the day some of your pieces reach their destination, where they
    belong and where they are seen

    MadC is known for massive and detailed concept walls. This year she is going to break her own record and paint her biggest and most elaborate concept wall ever. Just herself, without help.

    The object: a gigantic 639m2 wall involving her characters and styles. She has started planning and sketching in January 2010. The concept of the wall called „Stylemachine“. As the name implies it will basically be a machine producing styles, including an laboratory scenario, rats, crazy professors and so on

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